Dear Guest,

The Committee's Project Concerning a Guest takes the form of a single web page hosted on our own website. We have enlisted the services of a local resident to place a powerful curse on this page. This process took place in an internet café in Dalston, London on Thursday the 13th of April 2006. Anyone now viewing the cursed page will bear the consequences.

The Committee has determined it sufficient, for the purposes of documentation, to describe the webpage and the process of its construction, without exposing viewers directly to its influence (DIREC-22-A912). For those who wish to flaunt the Unknown, however, we offer to make the cursed page available.

The cursed page is protected by secure password-protection, so that it cannot harm those who might come across it unwittingly. While the Committee does not endorse anyone looking at the cursed page, we will accept requests for access from the public. Please send a message using the email address below, and we will reply promptly with the relevant information.

WARNING: We, the Committee, are not responsible for the repurcussions of viewing or accessing the cursed page. Please note: THIS IS A SERIOUS CURSE AND NOT TO BE TAKEN LIGHTLY. No member of the Committee has attempted to view the page since it was built, and we do not have any information about what effects it will have.

Project Concerning a Guest

single webpage, cursed 11.04.06